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The fire that gives rise to life is also what brings them to their death. Blood is similar but is often mentioned in war. It represents sacrifice and brings terror to anyone when it is called.


Holy Ghost - who is known as the savior of all non-human beings. But in the eyes of humans, he is a destroyer, the most powerful demon that humanity has ever faced. Representing the fire, he burned down all that humanity had built to end a dynasty that they had ruled for thousands of years, recorded their name in the history of all things, but it was extinguished. by his own blood. A wanderer with just a sword blow blew away the fire that the Holy Ghost had ignited and maintained for decades, the hope and pride of Non-Human was suddenly extinguished by an unknown person.


“Wars are chains of injustice and their end is justice.”


Dozens of years later, everything is reborn as a cyclical law, the death of the old is also the beginning of the new, long after that strange miracle, people have become more humble, they don't care. and self-perception is not the center of the universe but also other living beings. The nightmare called the Holy Devil always reminds them of who they are and where they are in this world, there are still people who are blind, delusional with their power but that has become a minority, which The important thing is that the world is now neutral, all species live equally thanks to that legacy. The legacy of the Holy Ghost or rather, the battle to regain what the Non-Human lost with his own hands, the demon or the demon was no longer replaced by the concept of bad guys and good people. One of the definitions of a bad guy is said to be someone who only knows how to live for themselves but forget about others, live insensitive and not community, those people are mostly estranged, live in isolation without any social support. who communicates. This story also has such a bad guy…


In a plain about five miles away from the concentrated population, where everything is quiet, the end of town is the rice fields. Here is sparsely populated compared to the flashy city, you can only hear the sound of the trees being swayed by the wind. Next to the rice fields is a forest growing in the mountains, going a little deeper one will see a cottage, which is poor but clean and neat. People in the area rarely visit this house and do not even dare to visit because they know there is a bad guy named Tran Nhat Quang and no one knows him from the beginning. On a frosty morning on the mountainside, a group of people who went to collect medicine found him leaning against a rock, covered in blood, holding a newborn baby less than a month old. At first they thought it was a victim, but after the violent act he accidentally caused, they immediately thought that it was a bad guy, he is actually still very healthy and has no injuries on his body. which accumulation. Breaking a person's arm just because he touched the baby, always trying to chase people away and not let anyone near, that's why they were scared and left. It was also on that spot that he built his own house, which made most of the people uncomfortable and did not seem to want to contain it, so he tried to evict it many times. The village elder felt it was unnecessary because Tran Nhat Quang didn't harm anyone, more specifically, he also knew that his person was really not as scary as the people still condemn, it's just that Some suffering does not want to share with others. Some people even tried to burn down his house or to put it more simply, use violence, but the devil caught him, this guy is not only good at martial arts but also knows magic and magic so generously that he can't do anything. can reach the gate of the house. All the banishment continued day after day until the rice-blooming season, Gia Lang suddenly asked to meet Tran Nhat Quang, he begged him to use his talent to help the people. here, in return, no one will bother him anymore. This area has a giant rat living in the deep forest behind Tran Nhat Quang's house, for every rice crop, people have to give it half of their output, but not the ripe rice, the rice that blooms it. I just accepted, every time the rice comes, the daughter is also the time when people have to cut off half of the field to give it to satisfy its hunger, it has been five years since the rice has been harvested. Definitely hungry, not enough to eat, let alone have enough. Tran Nhat Quang accepted immediately without hesitation, the day he brought the rat out of the forest and presented it to the people was also the official day the troublesome days ended. It was originally a gentle mouse, lost in the flock. During the migration, he had to live in this area and lived temporarily and struggled to find food, although it was only an animal, but Tran Nhat Quang could also know its situation through the lair in which it resided. hidden.



It has to be said again and again, thanks to its fear, the people here have given up hunting and focused on plowing, the animals in the forest are so grateful that it is crowned king and for that reason. Tran Nhat Quang could not kill it, simply wanted to kill it, he had to step over hundreds of dead bodies from snakes to gentle animals like Sao La. Loyalty is a luxury, yet it brings together the beasts of the forest a priceless quality, few of those out there can do this or the betrayal. new faith is what they are doing every day? Perhaps only within oneself can each person answer..


End of Chapter 1

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