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Second Sword

It has also been five years since the day that the poor animal was suppressed, people no longer see Tran Nhat Quang practicing the exercises, more specifically, training his own talents. On his yard, people no longer see violent actions, but instead are skillful gestures, creating sounds with many emotional levels. Still the same black iron flute, but instead of stabbing, it stayed on Tran Nhat Quang's lips, they called it magic music.


Indeed, the songs bring listeners a lot of emotions, from pain to pride, and finally joy with epic songs, and strange love of life. Gradually people began to sympathize with Tran Nhat Quang, especially young girls, they were all captivated by his flute sound. The evidence is that the girls boldly went to Tran Nhat Quang's house to flirt, even ask to be the stepmother of the little child he was raising lovingly. Most are rejected by Tran Nhat Quang who is a grumpy, cold guy  and very rude. Talking about his daughter a little bit, it's an inhuman girl, more specifically, a species of Bull named Kim Lien, she is very gentle and even more intelligent. Many girls try to approach and win her heart so that they can capture Tran Nhat Quang's heart, knowing that, Kim Lien always tries to avoid it. "Like father, like son" is what people say about Kim Lien, who is only five years old, but her personality is already outstanding compared to other children, not only cute and lovely but also agile and vivacious, making adults also give praise to praise.



The weather is quite beautiful today, warm rays of sunshine and a few clouds passing by creating waves of  wind, blowing away the dry leaves that were trying to cling to the branches. Tran Nhat Quang, like other fathers, always fulfills his duties from housework to cooking to taking care of his children, nothing can make him difficult. It was late afternoon, after cleaning the house, he started blowing rice for dinner, suddenly there was a knock at the door, he pushed the firewood into the kitchen and then went out. It was Kim Lien's teacher who was in a hurry, maybe something happened at school? Something was wrong, the teacher was so tired that he fell to his knees, but luckily he caught him.


  • What's the matter with the teacher in such a hurry?


  • Joint metal! Something happened to Kim Lien!


Like a thunderclap, Tran Nhat Quang rushed to school with the speed of just a blink of an eye, when everything seemed to be too late. The dilapidated classroom and the children had fear evident in every part of their faces, there was something so horrible that it caused them to show such emotion.


  • OH! Our hero is here!


Tran Nhat Quang turned his back, it was a goblin with pointed ears but so short that it was only on par with the children.


  • Allow self-introduction! I am Mantis, the knight of queen Venus from Novae Future


  • Where's my daughter?


Tran Nhat Quang growled, his voice seemed to want to skewer the person standing opposite. He gritted his teeth and began to act violently, realizing that Mantis said:


  • Please calm down! Your daughter is safe, I have come to convey the Queen's invitation.


  • No, give me my daughter back!


As soon as Tran Nhat Quang finished speaking, Mantis waved his hand to create a space door.


  • Then please step through this gate, you will meet your daughter!


The people were all silent with worried eyes mixed with a little fear, which must also be because they experienced a situation like this for the first time, it had never happened before. They don't know what to do, or how to show their attitude, but just watch and wait for the action from the insiders. Tran Nhat Quang did not hesitate to enter the gray gate in front of his eyes, its vortex made people feel like they could be sucked in if they were close to it, but that didn't make him shaken, that move made people feel uncomfortable. People became really worried. Now the humanity becomes a little clearer, a person is considered a bad guy by the whole region, their thoughts always remind themselves to stay away from a selfish person, but now what? They're completely worried, maybe people already see him as a member of the village..


  • Will you come back?


Tran Nhat Quang stopped and turned back, it was Kim Lien's teacher. A girl with a slim figure with a plump body and large round glasses, her shy voice trembling, she was the one who bravely spoke on behalf of the entire population to raise that question full of concern. He pondered for a moment, but still did not change his serious face:


  • If I can ?


The teacher sighed with a lighter spirit


  • Kim Lien is a cute and kind girl, I am very happy to have such a good student, please bring her back!


People started cheering to make that doubt come true. The truth is that his father and son have become part of the village, the people really love Kim Lien, just shy of Tran Nhat Quang's usual attitude, so they can only see her in the daytime. day and not at night. This made him a little nervous.


  • Thank!


Tran Nhat Quang reached out to the gray gate in front of his eyes, it immediately sucked them both inside and quickly closed. A tranquil atmosphere as if experiencing a dream, the people slowly return to their lives and join hands to rebuild the school. Only the teacher was still standing there, it seems that now she has returned to her original self as a shy person. Like many other girls, she loved Tran Nhat Quang very much, ever since the first time she met him in the mountains. Her father is a doctor, that day she was also in the group to pick medicine and met Tran Nhat Quang at the cliff, the teacher was also the one who bandaged the wound for the person whose arm he broke. I don't understand how a grumpy and cold person like him can captivate her from the first meeting, and also because of that meeting, she refused to be engaged to a boy of her father's school. he hates Tran Nhat Quang. Not only him but also many other boys hate him, who doesn't hate the guy who stole the heart of the person he likes? But now that's good, he's gone and may never come back, half of the village is secretly happy and the other half is a little sad creating a contrasting scene.



      ----------------------- ----------------------------



In the land where Tran Nhat Quang walked, it was a city that was sinking into the dark, everything around was street lights mixed with bushes. Not far away are skyscrapers with modern Western-oriented architecture, the name of the dwarf disappeared, but only Tran Nhat Quang was left alone walking towards the city, everything was silent. so quiet that even the sound of insects in action is absent. After walking for a while suddenly there was a strange noise growing, there was a shadow of someone approaching behind the street light, the speed was slow but the animation was fast, it seemed like something small. Sure enough, a boy about Kim Lien's age was rushing over, there was something behind him that chased him so hard that he had to run for his life. A shadowy figure held two knives as big as a butcher's knife in both hands, only much larger. The boy ran so fast that he lost his momentum and fell right in front of Tran Nhat Quang's shoes, he quickly got up and hid behind him as a shield.


  • Save me! He... he wants to kill you.


Tran Nhat Quang looked at the boy and then towards the dark shadow approaching with labored breathing


  • Ha….ha…Another…another name??


 Only now did Tran Nhat Quang clearly see his appearance through the street lights, looking disheveled like a butcher with ragged clothes, half of his face was wrapped with a face. Porridge-colored cloth mask, mouth bared with fangs with lustful breath and crazy eyes as if to tear everything on the way, he raised his nose to sniff


  • OH! No... I can't smell your blood!


Not understanding what the weirdo in front of him was saying, Tran Nhat Quang was silent. What's not right is why would someone chase a child in the middle of the night? It is even more difficult to understand why this child is out of the house at this time, without finishing his train of thought, the other guy continued.


  • The child in the street behind you is a cursed one, carrying the blood of the devil and it will wake up, its smell is so strong it drives me crazy!


He slowly lowered his voice


  • Go home, the demons are active now but rest assured because we will kill them all on this hunting night


Tran Nhat Quang immediately turned away without a moment's hesitation, the frightened child grabbed his shirt lap.


  • I am not a demon….Please believe me….My father is also a hunter…I will prove…please save me!


The boy earnestly begged, but Tran Nhat Quang pushed him away, he coldly pushed the boy away, causing him to fall. The fall was quite painful, dropping everything from inside the boy, he groped for something in the pile of things that looked very pitiful. Tran Nhat Quang suddenly stopped, he didn't pay attention to the boy but to something in the pile of things that fell from him. There was a lotus-shaped badge next to the family photo, it was quite prominent and eye-catching, he was about to come to take a closer look when the other guy slowly approached the boy. A helpless prey waiting to die in front of the hunter's clutches, despair was what was on the boy's face right now, it seemed he had accepted his fate. It looked at Tran Nhat Quang with a look of denial but did not respond, the hunter raised his sword.


  • In the name of the king...Devil...I will send you to hell!


The slash came without a trace of mercy, the child closed his eyes in despair and he could no longer hear anything around him. There is no feeling, is it dead? Perhaps so, everything around became strangely silent, only the dead could not feel anything around them anymore. It is often said that when people die they lose awareness of reality because their body is dead, only the soul is alive and it will be taken to the afterlife. Close your eyes on earth, then open your eyes in heaven, start a carefree life. A new hope rekindled in the boy's mind, when he opened his eyes he would see what he had always wanted. But it seems that everything has not changed at all, it is still the dark spaces alternating with the bright spaces lit by the street lights, the same hellish scene.


  • Blame!


There was a sound of someone just ringing, causing the boy to open his eyes, it seemed that he was fine, there were no injuries on his body. In front of the poor child was a man standing in front of a dead body. It was none other than the person he had urgently called for help, and he turned to look at the boy, startling him. A miracle happened, the man saved it, and about Tran Nhat Quang, he considered it a necessity when finishing the hunter quickly. The black iron that pierced the hunter's skull was firmly planted in the ground, and after he was completely dead, he spat out decisively, blood gushing out like a fountain. For the boy he didn't need to know how he was able to break the despair so ecstatically, but only knew that the blade was at his throat and in a moment he could see. the things his mother used to tell him, the stories that helped him fall asleep at night. Tran Nhat Quang slowly walked towards the pile of things that the boy dropped, picked up the badge and then went to his side, knelt down slowly and asked:


  • What is this thing?


  • It's…the hunter….my father's badge! Now….you believe me…not….the devil, right?


  • Where does it come from?


  • It's in the...holy building... It's located in the city center near the castle of…the king…where the recognized…. All hunters go there to get this badge.


  • Take me there! 


Stepping into the depths of the city was enveloped in silence, but the feeling it was not so was the wilderness. People's houses don't even turn on the night lights, let alone this city is very modern and rich. On the street at this time only the footsteps of the boy and him, going a long way, suddenly the boy stopped.


  • Can you go on by yourself because it's right there? The Holy See is a heavily guarded place so I can't go there


  • I understand!


  • And this too! Thank you for saving me and bringing me home


The boy pointed to the house closest to him:


  • That's my house! I hope your sister doesn't get mad if she finds out you sneaked out at this hour!


Tran Nhat Quang said goodbye to this smart kid and went straight to the Holy See. Talk smart because he knows how to use directions to turn him into a bodyguard as an opportunity to return home safely. In the blink of an eye, Tran Nhat Quang reached the front door of the Holy See, through the lights he could see how magnificent the Holy See was, with the Cross at the top as the premise, all architectural lines as well. From there, it extends to the foundation of the building. In front of Tran Nhat Quang is a large steel gate, slowly approaching with a little caution, careful with his every step because this situation he has been through a lot, nothing in this world is easy at all.


  • You don't have to step in there now, our hero!


Tran Nhat Quang stopped and turned around, it was not difficult to recognize the owner of this statement, the one who brought him here - Mantis. The short appearance and formal speaking style are what Tran Nhat Quang cannot mistake for anyone else up to the present time.


  • Forgive me for keeping you waiting, I have some business to take care of so that you can easily meet the queen


  • Where is she?


  • Please follow me, it won't be far!


The planning design of this city was very different from the previous prosperous places he had been to. Instead of unpleasant nooks and crannies, there are straight paths, all directions leading to a single place - The Castle, it seems to be the center of everything, so it's easy to think guessed that the city was planned in a circular shape and the large gate where the hunter he killed was one of the large gates into the city.


  • Have you visited this city?


  • Is this a good time to visit?


  • So why didn't He wait for me?


  • I just want to meet the person who did this!


  • OH! Forgive me for doubting You!


Mantis stopped at a large mansion, he went to open the door and crouched in the right corner, making an invitation to enter. So we've arrived, it can be said that this is a separate mansion, it's in a corner of the city with the corner that is probably the least popular but undeniably very splendid. Step a little deeper to see two statues that look quite lively, both naked and have the same wings, the statue on the left side has a bow and arrow.


  • A strange defense system!


Tran Nhat Quang briefly thought in his mind. The large door leading to the inside of the mansion was opened, the lights along the way were turned on, shining straight towards the throne at the end of the road. On the chair was the figure of a woman of unknown age waiting, a little closer could see her overall appearance. It is difficult to determine the age because the outside is almost completely covered by the clothes, even the face is half hidden. But even so, it couldn't hide the fact that she was very beautiful, her clothes could only cover her naked body but couldn't hide its contours.


  • Strangers, submit before me!


Tran Nhat Quang subconsciously knelt down like a loyal servant, in the moment he lost himself.


  • Forced Magic!!


It was the magic that he thought the queen had just cast on him, to others he would be very confused and possibly panicking, but with Tran Nhat Quang it was different. This magic is quite normal for someone like him, perhaps she just wanted to show her majesty to the opposite person, so Tran Nhat Quang did not intend to solve it, but only watched the other queen. what to do next.


  • I am the master venus of this Violet mansion!


With a wry smile on her lips and then taking a deep breath, the Queen spoke in hatred.


  • As the Queen of this country Novae Future and archenemy of Vulcan, what are you looking for in me?



Looking at Mantis, the elegant dwarf in a servant's suit had never changed. With a smile on his lips, he slowly responded to his queen with solemn words


  • Your Majesty, this is the one who will help us fight Vulcan!


  • An ordinary person like him?


  • He's from Dong A, Your Majesty!


Mentioning Dong A Queen is a bit startling, it is a place of creatures with special abilities and stronger than all other creatures. In short, the person standing in front of her was no ordinary person as she thought, but the Queen still did not change her attitude and still maintained her dignified appearance.


  • I hope you will be a brave warrior who is not afraid of anything and is devoted to me!


  • Where's my daughter?


Tran Nhat Quang now doesn't care who he is dealing with, but just wants to see his daughter, Mantis understands that very well because he kidnapped Kim Lien, not letting the matter become a scandal. hindered by a hostage he said


  • Please calm down, I'll let you see my daughter right now!


Mantis immediately put his hand to his ear and gently pressed something, causing the space of the room to change, everything became white and then each object quickly appeared, they were made up of small round squares. The new space gradually formed, it is not difficult to realize that it is a luxurious bedroom for children, with so many cute things that any little girl can not resist her desire. On the cute little bed is a little girl sleeping


  • Joint metal!!!!


Tran Nhat Quang immediately recognized his little daughter, he immediately swooped over to hug her but everything was just an illusion, he couldn't touch her. While he was struggling to find a way to touch the girl, Mantis appeared beside him since when.


  • Dear Sir! This is just a mirror image sent from our base!


  • Want to give me my daughter!


Tran Nhat Quang grabbed his collar and pointed his angry eyes at Mantis. He is very angry and Mantis knows it, he calmly uses words to calm Tran Nhat Quang's anger


  • Please calm down! Your daughter is really safe!


Pausing for a moment to regain his sanity, Tran Nhat Quang knew for sure that he would have to do horrible things again.


  • Now we want you to make a wish!


The space returned to the way it was before, as dark and cold as his thoughts now..


  • Kill who?


  • My daughter!


Tran Nhat Quang looks at the Queen with a slightly disturbed mood, seems like this is a joke? No, he did not hear wrong, the request to kill the daughter came from the queen's own mouth. The professional life has met many wacky stories, but killing a child is the most terrifying thing he has ever heard. People often say that even tigers don't eat their cubs, but that's probably not true for the current situation. Is it a cultural difference? It must be because Tran Nhat Quang is standing on a different land, unlike the places he has been to before. Architecture was the first strange thing he saw, there were a few familiar things because they had appeared in places where Tran Nhat Quang used to practice. Embracing the emotions that came suddenly, Tran Nhat Quang calmed down.


  • Where is she?


  • I don't know where it is because it was taken away when it was born!.


The Queen shed tears, two lines of tears running down her chin and to the ground, must have been very painful. The little girl was robbed right after she was born, it is difficult to describe the feeling of the Queen at that time, only real mothers can understand those helpless feelings. . Tran Nhat Quang didn't care about her situation, what he wanted was just a way to finish the job as quickly as possible and then get out of here, it would be troublesome to dig into everything.


  • So what should we do ?


  • King Vulcan was the one who took away the Queen's child!


Mantis replied to Tran Nhat Quang with hatred, he was the one who knew everything better than anyone. The Queen's Knights have always been brave warriors with a high level of understanding and above all absolute loyalty to their masters. Mantis narrated the story, but Tran Nhat Quang dismissed it because he didn't want to get into much trouble, as long as he knew who the target was and he could figure it out on his own. Sometimes curiosity is not necessary, especially for hired killers like Tran Nhat Quang, and there are many things that will make him think about, typically the story just now. The world always has stories that every creature cannot understand, is it because of its vastness or is it because they themselves refuse to share  to find How to hurt each other? After all, all life-and-death cycles have one thing in common, which is "Vulnerability", undeniably because it brings people closer to each other's compassion.



Five years is quite a long time for a person, but for Tran Nhat Quang, it is very short, almost nothing has changed. His skills, emotions, and especially his manners were hardly worn at all, but there was a proof that contradicted all of that was his daughter. Kim Lien is an example of his desire for change, noting that when he knew that there was only one way to save his daughter, he was a bit disinterested. Tran Nhat Quang has laid down his sword for a long time since he ended a legendary creature, cut off the cycle of life and ended the curse of fire, continuing the era in which he himself no longer cared. come again. The hunter's task is to capture his prey, but that is just the beginning of a new hunt.



End of Chapter 2

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